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Results of Wrestling Team

Year of establishment: 1912
Addresss: H-1139 Budapest Fáy u. 58.
Phone: +36-1-329-4047

Wrestler Olympic Champions of Vasas Sport Club 1911 Dates
Kozma István Kozma István
dr. Hegedűs Csaba dr. Hegedűs Csaba

Wrestler World Champions of Vasas Sport Club 1911 Dates
Kozma István Kozma István
dr. Hegedűs Csaba dr. Hegedűs Csaba

The begginings

The Sports Club of Vasas was founded on 16th March 1911 in Budapest. Hardly after a year on 20th June 1912 the Section of Wrestling was also established, which organized its first competition in 1913. Our first champion, Ottó Szelky heavy-weight wrestler, was the first Olympic athlete of Vasas. The importance of the new generation had already been recognized at that time, and the Section started to deal with the young. Accordingly, it organized a U-18 League in 1923 for them.

The Golden Age

This period lasted from 1958 till the end of the 70’s. On the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960 István Kozma ranked fourth and Péter Piti ranked sixth. In 1964 István Kozma won the Olympics. This great succes was the first Olympic gold medal in the history of wrestling in Vasas. In 1968 István Kozma reached the top again and Károly Bajkó won the bronze medal. After the early death of István Kozma, the star of the new generation, Csaba Hegedűs, was passed on the baton to. In 1972 Csaba Hegedűs won the 100th Olympic gold medal for the Hungarians. Károly Bajkó obtained the bronze medal and Jószef Doncsecz got the fourth place. Beside the effective playing of the Olympics, our competitors were accompanied by succesful World- and European Championships, by wins of the Hungarian League in individual- and teampart as well, by reaching successes in national- and international cups. These years were the most beautiful times of our Section. In 1975 the Section got a beautiful, new place to train in at the sports ground of Fáy street.

The new period

Since 1993 the Section have charged Jenő Bódi with the trainer’s tasks. A disintegrated Section had to be rebiult. Beside the successes of the new generation, the first international result were the silver medal of János Kismóni on the World Championship and the bronze medal of Gábor Kapuvári on the European Championship. In the latter case Gábor Kapuvári got the right to go to the Olympics of Sidney, where he ranked seventh. The first results of the new millenium are connected to Mihály Deák-Bárdos, who became the European Champion in 2001 and was runner-up in the same year on the World Championship. The Vasas won the Team Championship in Hungary, which certified the great work in the Section. In 2002 Mihály Deák-Bárdos excelled again. He was runner-up on the World- and European Championships and the team preserved its winner place in the Hungarian League. The year of 2003 is characterized by perfect the same outcomes and name, Mihály Deák-Bárdos and his silver medals. In 2004 the Section was represented by Mihály Deák-Bárdos and Lajos Virág on the Olympic Games of Athen but the waited successes occured. In the Team Championship Vasas proved to be the best again. The bringing up of the new generation is still a significant part of the Section, almost two hundred sportsmen visit the trainings.


The help of the sponsors is absolutely indispensable to the effective functioning of the Section. The primary condition of the calm and fruitful work is the financial supporting, as the state cannot raise funds because of its other duties. Our Section is looking for strong and success companies to cooperate with, who are ready to help to provide better circumstances for children.

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