History of Vasas Sport Club 1911

More then nine decades have alredy passed since March 16, 1911, when was the establishment of the Sport Club of Iron and Metal Workers, choosing red and blue as their colours. The establishment of our club meant the setting up the footballer's section , but within only one year the wrestlers and cyclists also followed their footsteps (1912). Somewhat later, the sections of athletes (1921) and handballers (1926), then those of chess-players and gymnasts (1927) enlarged the ever "red and blue family".

At the end of the '40-ies, 12 additional sections and branches of sport were formed and started operating in our club: in 1945 boxing, swimming and waterpolo, in 1946 motorcycling-motor sport and tennis, in 1947 field hockey, triathlon, motorboating,volleyball (8 men) and fencing, in 1948 rowing and in 1949 weight-lifting. Our club was expanded by additional branches of sports even during the following years: sailing in 1951, then skiing in 1952. In 1981 women's volleyball, taken over from the Ministry of Heavy Industry, in 1982 women's waterpolo, in 1997 figure skating and ice dancing, while in 1999 our youngest sections the aerobic-fitness and the tour rowing joined the Vasas family.

The Vasas Sport Club gave to Hungarian sports the first Olympic gold medal after World War II by the athlete, hammer-thrower Imre Németh, then the 100 th hungarian olympic Champion in the person of the wrestler, Csaba Hegedűs, the fall-king!

It would be very difficult to count how many sportsmen were chosen from Vasas Sports Club to represent the national teams (and even the world teams) and the universal Hungarian sports during the past nine decades.


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Our Olympic Champions up 1996
Steinmetz Ádám, Steinmetz Barnabás, Nemcsik Zsolt

Organization of Vasas Sport Club

President of Club Markovits László
Deputy President of Club Ferjancsik Domonkos
Economic Director Lehoczky Dániel


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